Scientists in the school

The grade 5 classes participated with The Scientist in the School program. This program involves science lessons and experiments taught by a guest teacher.

This term we are learning about the different states of matter and how it changes from liquid to solid and gaseous states.

Students were able to explore the different chemical reactions between liquid and solids using substances like baking soda, baby powder, grape juice and citric acid.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7

Value in Art

The students have been exploring value (light and dark) in art work. They created their own piece with a focus on an animal’s eye of their choice. They experimented using pencil and soft pastel as their medium. Some of the techniques they tried were rubbing the medium to create value and gradients along with using an eraser for more detail.

Here’s just a sample of some of their work.

IMG_3635 IMG_3636 IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3639

Homework for March 2-6

Language- 4 reading responses due this Friday

Reading response to The Alchemist- Now that Santiago has met Fatima, why do you think his feelings for the merchant’s daughter changed? Wasn’t marrying the merchant’s daughter part of Santiago’s personal legend? Explain why you think his feelings changed.

Persuasive writing assignment

Choose one of the following topics. You will then need to do some research at home. Make sure to look for statistics and other facts to help build your argument. Research at least 3 different facts.

1. Why nobody should be homeless.

2. Why everyone should have access to fresh clean water.

3. Why people from the poor to the rich should have equal access to medical resources.

Homework for the week of Feb 17-20

Math homework- Please answer the following question in your math notebook.

Choose a large object at home. E.g. sofa couch.  Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length and width of the sofa. Create and draw the sofa using a scale and justify why your scale makes sense.

Language- Four reading response due for Friday.


Opera questions

1. Did you like the opera? Why or why not? Give 3 reasons.

2. Why do you think operas have singing in them?

Reading Response to your book study (homework for the weekend)

Choose one of the following questions to answer about the book study you are doing and create a post.

1.  Choose a food that represents this book and explain why.


2.  If this book could be compared to a car, what model would it be and why?


Browse through other student blogs and comment on their response. Please respond in a positive manner and give evidence of why you like it.

Remember to use proper punctuation, grammar, spelling (use four new vocabulary words) and proper paragraph structure.


Reading Responses

1. How would the main character act in present time?

Zeus would be so scared because at that time there were no cars or enormouse buildings like now. In that time there were cronies, Titans and more….. But nothing loke phones or ipads. He never saw stuff that people see in present time. He might think that buildings and cars are alive. He might think that they are creature of choas. Creature of chaos are very treacherous.

2. Is the tital good for the book? Explain.

Yes because the tital makes people think about Poseidon. They would also think that the story is near the water because the tital is Heros in Training Poseidon and the SEA of Fury. Its good that it makes people think about Poseidon because they story is about Poseidon. The tital of this book is also good because it make people intrested and people want to read the book.

Alchemist Reading Response

Santiago was able to save enoght money to buy his sheep and more. But something started to change his minding proceeding to do so he was still contemplate to go to the pyramids.

Write about something you’ve always wanted to try but never attempted. Explain never did. Come up with some why you might try now.

I always wanted to become an astronaut. I always wanted to expariance being an astronat. But after I saw some movies and I researched about it I saw that being an astronaut is so hard and dangerous. So I didn’t want to be an astronaut any more, I thought there is no way that I can become an astronaut. But now I want to atleast try and see what it feels like to be an astronaut.